Responsive Web Design

Meeting the changing demands of our clients is our ultimate goal. Helping our clients expand their reach is what our solutions aim at. With ‘n’ number of smart phones released in the market, every smart phone user has got a different smart device having different platform. Catering to all of them by being present on each of these devices translates to high reach and high profitability. To enable businesses to reach every smart device, Brainbox has launched its Responsive Web Design services. Our team of expert, innovative and experienced developers utilizes the best of the latest technology to offer responsive design services. Our unique design and development strategies can help you enhance your online visibility and reach.

There has been a dramatic shift in the browsing habits on the internet. The habits have taken huge leaps from an old fashioned desktop to trendy smart devices. By 2015, mobile websites will be largely preferred over computer websites. This transformation has already begun as clients demand responsive designs that support multiple screens

We, at Brainbox, help your site to cater to users of all types of devices and screen sizes so that you create brand identity and recognition. Using the best responsive design techniques we enable your website to automatically adjust to the screen size and device of the user visiting your website. No matter what the device used by a person, he or she can view your website and access its content and images without facing any problems. You can ensure consistent search engine rankings using our responsive design services. This is because responsive websites are easily recognized by search engines in comparison to a mobile website.

The screen resolution is an essential factor in web designing. The web page is exclusively built for desktops, but it may lose its alignment and elements when accessed through a mobile device. Thus, it becomes imperative to embrace a responsive web design. Responsive web designs refer to a web page that can adjust itself with its elements as per the screen size. Irrespective of the screen size and display parameter, the look and feel across multiple devices remains consistent.

Our Approach

We think this as a paradigm shift and thus approach it differently. We focus more on digital strategies while building responsive web designs. Keeping the users in mind, we execute the responsive design that obviously won’t have all content when browsed through smaller devices, but then it will not fail to carry a gist of the elements.

responsive web design

We make every effort to make your website, designed using responsive design techniques, offer better user experience. Even when your clients are on the go you can ensure that you reach them. We offer website design that can be viewed by everyone right from the user accessing it using a mobile browser to the user accessing it through a HDTV. A responsive website created by Brainbox will automatically customize a site layout, navigation, images, and content to optimally fit the user’s browsing device, delivering an unmatched and seamless experience.