UI Design

User experience design (UX or UXD or UED) involves traditional human-computer interaction (HCI) design, and extends it by addressing all aspects of a product or service as perceived by users. User experience can be any aspect of an individual’s interaction with a given IT system, such as interface, graphics, industrial design, physical interaction, and the manual. Brainbox, with its rich experience in the IT industry, proficiently crafts a better UI for the best UX.

Using our design services you can find the correct solutions to address your customer’s problems and pave the way to sustainable growth. We utilize the best of design, creativity and technology to bring your business brand on the center stage. We have experience of delivering outstanding build experience for benefitting the clients of different companies.

We consider various aspects of how users interact with your application. We analyze the user backgrounds, goals and requirements. We also take into consideration the environment in which the application is used. Designing workflows, we seek answers to a number of questions. After analyzing these answers carefully we frame a solution so that we can tackle the design challenges. We focus both on the design as well as your relationships with your customers. Our total emphasis will be laid on meeting your requirements and also enabling you to work directly with any of our designer. The user interfaces designed by us are not only easy to implement but are also easy to maintain.

Our Speciality

  • Mobile App UI / UX Design
  • Backend CMS UI / UX Design
  • Web UI / UX Design
  • Desktop Software UI / UX Design

Designing a user interface for mobile devices demands a thorough understanding of the user behavior. The success of a mobile application depends on an intuitive UI design that combines usability with functionality. A good mobile UI makes it easy for users to operate the app and also helps you to promote the application.

Seamless, Intuitive and Innovative GUI Designs

The best mobile interface designs enables the user to move swiftly from one point to another. We develop interfaces that are uncluttered, yet attractive. Our innovative mobile user interface allows the user to use the app intuitively without any need for directions or guides. Our GUIs are a perfect blend of striking graphics and intuitive design.

UI design services at Brainbox include:

  • Website UI design
  • iOS UI design (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • Android UI design
  • Widget Design
  • Logo design
  • Icon and theme design